Before and After Built Ins

I have been working with a client who has an unnecessarily enormous master bedroom. There was so much extra space that was all going to waste. In addition to repainting and getting all new furniture, I also designed built-ins to give the space more of a library/bedroom feel. I am so excited with how the space has turned out and cannot wait to share it all when it is completely finished, in the mean time, please excuse the iPhone pictures.

The Alcove Before

before - built ins

The Alcove After                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We added built ins, painted the walls, painted the desk, but also added a window bench under the window… the cushion and window treatments are on their way.

after - bulit ins

The Entry Wall Before

before - built ins 2

The Entry Alcove AfterThis space is parallel to the closet area so we decided to add built ins that would double as closet storage. We put shoes and bags on display so that it became an extension of the closet.

after - built ins 2


  1. I like that you said “we” staged bags and shoes. I do the same thing, the truth is my husband just smiles and agrees with the decorating.

  2. What is paint color of cabinets? I wanted that gray color and thought I had it but my gray looks more blue in different lighting throughout day. Help!

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