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In a little less than four weeks Spencer and I will be on an adventure through Asia. We just booked it a couple of weeks ago, so I am in the thick of planning and researching right now and would love your recommendations!

We’re going to Shanghai, Hong Kong and then Vietnam (Hanoi and Hoi An).


hoi an beach Hong Kong Lake in Hanoi shanghai


Been to any of these places? I would love any and all recommendations! xo


  1. Exciting!! We’re in the early process of planning a potential stop in Vietnam later this year, so I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! Have so much fun!! xo

  2. Hoi An is my favorite! We stayed at the Nam Hai (HIGHLY RECOMMEND-its beyond gorgeous. Not in the heart of the city but on the beach). i spent a little over a month in Asia visiting my sister in Vietnam a few years ago. Email me if you want any pointers/recs for Vietnam!

  3. Stay at the Peninsula in Shanghai. My husband and I just stayed there. Beautiful view of the Bund…assuming the smog isn’t terrible while you are there.

  4. In Hong Kong get an octopus card asap! You can use it on all the public transportation, which otherwise requires exact change, and many shops allow you to pay for purchases (even starbucks!). Splurge on a hotel with a water view – totally worth it. We stayed at Hotel Icon and LOVED it.

  5. From Hong Kong city center you can go to Macao by boat just for the day, the Venetian there is the biggest casino in the world ! You can also just visit the city or see a show if you don’t want to gamble.

  6. I have only been to Shanghai for a short business trip but when I went I stayed at The Portman Ritz Carlton, which was really nice and has a good Italian Restaurant within walking distance.

    There are lots of fun things to do in Hong Kong! When I go I stay at the Shangri-la Kowloon. The club lounge there is fabulous & has amazing views of the harbor. Restaurant recommendations: The Steakhouse at the Intercontinental (expensive but amazing food…the desserts are as big as your head), Posto Publico is a good Italian restaurant on the Hong Kong side. If you have time take the Aqua Luna junk boat for a Harbor Tour at sunset. I travel to Hong Kong 2-4 times a year for business so feel free to email me if you have any questions when you are planning!

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