The first leg of our vacation was to Santorini. It was the most picturesque place I have ever been. Absolutely stunning everywhere you looked.
The one thing that really threw me off was how incredibly touristy it is there. When the cruise ships let out, its chaos. My biggest recommendation is to find a hotel that you know you’ll love and be prepared to spend some time at the pool, rather than spending your days in town.
We stayed in Oia which is the smaller town at the end of the island (the alternative is Thira which is a slightly bigger town with a bit more to see). 

Dinner our first night at 1800.

The infinity pool overlooking the ocean, with a sailboat passing by. Just about the most perfect view I can imagine.

One of my favorite shots.

The food was incredible. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. Absolutely delicious. If anyone ever wants restaurant recommendations let me know, I saved names! 

The view from our little cave pool.

And how fun is this? One night after dinner, just as we were running back to our hotel in the pouring rain, a girl at the restaurant we had just eaten at yelled out my name! A TTS fan in Santorini! If you’re reading, email me. I want to hear about your trip. Such a small world!
I’ll be sharing pictures from Milos tomorrow!


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