Recipe Testing: "Ratatouille"

Last night I was craving Italian food, but didn’t necessarily want to eat pasta. I initially thought about this noodle-less lasagne I had been seeing all over Pinterest but I don’t love ricotta or cottage cheese. So I created something of my own and I am totally obsessed. It was the perfect dinner, my own take on ratatouille

Ingredients (to serve four):
- one large eggplant
- one large zucchini
- one red pepper
- half of a white onion
- basil
- chicken sausage
- fresh mozzerella
- tomato sauce (my favorite out of the jar sauce of Rao’s)

1. Remove chicken sausage from the casing and brown it in a pan, while cooking all the way through.
2. On medium to high heat, add chopped eggplant, zucchini, red pepper and onion. Mix around until onions are beginning to become transparent
3. Add half a jar of tomato sauce and fresh basil
4. Cover and let simmer on low for 10 minutes (or until sauce is cooked down a bit and vegetables are cooked through)
5. Plate food, and add fresh mozzarella (we also added a little bit of parm)
6. Serve!

It was a really filling, healthy, hearty dish that can be revised with all different vegetables (next time I want to try spinach and broccoli). My husband, who typically doesn’t like carb-less dinners loved it too. Definitely a success.


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