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I’m in a bit of a cooking rut. My usual go-to recipes are starting to bore me. There is only so much quinoa, chicken sausage and pesto you can eat. So in the past couple weeks I’ve gone back to some forgotten about favorites.

Chicken Enchiladas. These were unreal. The sauce from scratch is key. So so good

chicken enchiladas

Crockpot Sesame Chicken. My all time favorite slow cooker recipe. I add broccoli and red peppers at the end.

sesame slow cooker chicken

Asian Turkey Meatballs. I haven’t made these in a while, but they are ridiculously good.

asian turkey meatballs

Roasted Tomato soup. I skip the milk/cream and its just as good.

roasted tomato soup

But now, I am looking to you guys, what are your go tos? Easy, relatively healthy? Lets hear it! I need some inspiration.



  1. My favorite crock pot recipe was found on Pinterest – I make this all of the time. It is so easy, and SO good. The smell of it while the cooking takes place builds up anticipation for dinner! It’s cilantro lime chicken –

    I usually eat mine in a bowl, on top of chopped romaine and beans – kind of like Chipotle burrito bowls. My family likes it in warmed tortillas. I just use plain old Pace salsa, and use low sodium taco seasoning as it is a bit too salty for me when using the regular stuff (and I don’t avoid salt).

  2. I have to make those enchiladas! Here are a few of my current favorites…
    Orzo with Grilled Shrimp & Pesto Viniagrette:
    Lentil Soup:
    Tortilla Pie (I use ground turkey instead of beef):
    Spicy Baked Rigatoni (I use spicy chicken sausage):

  3. I always steal some of Natalie’s recipes! I have been trying to make new recipes and plan ahead for the week so I won’t be in a pinch and cook my usual go to’s…but I’ve been in a recipe rut too!

  4. My go to dinner when I want something fast and healthy is a homemade burrito bowl: brown rice, black beans, salsa (my favorite is case grande – medium) and half an avocado with a few tortilla chips on top.

    I also just got Marina Delio’s Yummy Mummy kitchen recipe book and am totally loving it!

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