Our Kitchen + Runner

I realized I never shared pictures of our completed kitchen. So here you go, the pictures are a bit amateur, but you get the idea.

We had been searching for a runner so when Medallion Rug Gallery offered to send us one, I knew we would find something perfect. And we definitely did. Their selection of area rugs is pretty incredible, I had such a hard time choosing.

I love our white cabinets, marble backsplash and honed absolute counters. It all came together so well.


And now my new favorite touch, our area rug from Medallion Rug Gallery. How gorgeous it that blush pink Persian next to white cabinets?


Area rugs are such a nice way to warm up a kitchen. This runner was the perfect finishing touch.


And now… onto the other hundred things on my “must complete ASAP” list for our house.



  1. I am obsessed with runners in the kitchen and yours (both the runner and the kitchen) is perfect! Looking forward to the day when the husband and I get to leave rental-dom and get a place of our own!

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  4. I have been in LOVE with this rug for so long ever since I saw it and have been searching the exact site is there any possible way you or anyone could help me out in finding it or something very very close to it?! I’m at the point of going crazy typing every combo of words in the search engin to find it. I promise my husband and I are not crazy ;) we just have been looking for new kitchen rugs for so long… I will be 30 and I’m not lying when I say the rugs we have in there now are from my sophomore house in college. Yes they are very nice but I need a change. Thank you if you can help at all!! Danielle

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