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Where we stayed: Melian Boutique Hotel
The most perfect little boutique hotel, really well priced and just a short walk from town. Right on the water, a small little dipping pool, nice relaxation area outside of the lobby and a beautiful deck for most of the rooms.

How to get there: We took a two hour ferry ride from Santorini. Cheap and easy.

Where we ate: We ate in the town right by our hotel every night. Everything is so fresh you can’t really go wrong. Our favorite place was called Yaros (that’s how it said, not spelled) and it was amazing. We ate dinner there two of our three nights.

What to do: We rented a car and explored the island. The topography of the island is absolutely incredible and every single beach you stop at is different than the next. There is really only one main, paved road that goes all the way around the island so its easy enough to get around. We spent our days going from beach to beach. Some were your typical walk down to a beach club beaches, some you had to actual rock-repel down to, others were moon rock, sand caves that you could climb through. We absolutely fell in love with one beach in particular called Sarakiniko (pictured above). I also definitely suggest signing up for spa treatments if you stay at the Melian. I had an hour and 15 minute massage for $50. It was incredible!



  1. Loved reading this – we’re going for our honeymoon in July! Likely staying at the Melian for 4 nights following 4 nights in Santorini. Email me if you have any other tips or suggestions!

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