AKD Project Reveal

Last week I shared a little peek of a recently completed project, but today I’m going to share the whole thing. I worked with this client on their living room, dining room, entry and two bedrooms. We installed all new window treatments, had custom window benches made, a custom media console, and brought in a ton of accessories but also worked with some existing pieces (ie the sofa, dining table and art). It was such a fun project that completely pushed me outside of my colorful, glam, feminine box. We went more neutral, sexy and zen in this space and I absolutely love the outcome.

interior1 interior2 interior3 interior4 interior5 interior6 interior7 interior8 interior9 interior10 interior11

interior12 interior13 interior14

All photographs by the ridiculously talented John & Maura Stoffer


  1. What a beautiful design. I’ve been on the hunt for a console table that’s “just right” for a year & I’m in love with the black console table in the photos. Any chance you could reveal the source?

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