AKD Progress: My House

I’m finally making some serious progress at our house. I am absolutely my own worst client. A nightmare. I cannot make decisions. I am reupholstering chairs and changed my mind on the fabric at least 5 times. But there has finally been some serious progress.

I found these kilim and chrome benches at a local vintage shop and immediately fell in love. They are perfect for my living room.

kilim and chrome benches

I also looked through a bunch of options of carpet for our stairs. This has been something I’ve been putting it off forever but I finally found the perfect option. Its one of these three…

stair runner options

I also did a little restyling and rearranging for our bookshelves but I’m not sure that will ever stop

bookshelf styling

I also hung some art. That is always the final step to really making a space feel complete. My little Picasso lady and Sally King Benedict look so perfect stacked together. I also love the way the curtains frame the art.


And although not much has changed in there, I am still so smitten with our powder room Lindsay Cowles paper.

powder room wallpaper

I can’t wait to share more of the completed space. The rug, newly upholstered chairs, pillows and console are all going to be here within the next couple weeks. Serious living room progress.


  1. It’s all looking fantastic! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Art is something we’re slowly working on too — it takes forever when you decide you really want to invest in pieces you’ll love forever. Do you have any fave resources?

    • Hi Victoria, I am the artist who designed Alex’s wallpaper in the powder room. it was made from one of my oil on canvas paintings. I have both original abstract art in my collection as well as wonderful prints on canvas. Please check them out and feel free to email me with any questions. Hope to speak with you soon! Best, Lindsay

  2. I have begun total house redecoration and I can’t make decisions either, it is hell.

    What is your preference on Flat/matte vs. Eggshell/satin paint? Have you had better results using flat paint for dark colors or do you choose depending on the wall being drywall or plaster?

    I like the stripe rug for the stairs.

    • I don’t love flat/matte under most circumstances. It shows every little mark and is difficult to clean, however it will definitely hide imperfections in dry wall the best. Eggshell will show imperfections a bit more but I use it quite a bit. Hope this helps

      • Thanks for the response.I had forgotten how easily flat paint does mark up, you pretty much have to touch it up with fresh paint constantly.

  3. Just wondering about the local vintage shop you found those gorgeous benches at…What’s the name? Would love to read about some of your favorite local vintage shopping spots!

  4. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! I know what you mean about making decisions- I feel like I go back and forth a million times on every little thing.

  5. Eeek! Those kilim and chrome benches are INSANE! So jealous! I’m also with all of the other commenters, that stripe carpet for the stairs would be pretty killer! Can’t WAIT to see the more pics of your progress!

  6. would you mind sharing the carpet sources? in particular the stripe…but they’re all lovely. redoing mine soon and love your finds. thank you!

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