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A couple of years ago I worked with a client who had a really fantastic, fun, preppy aesthetic. Actually pretty out of the norm for me, but it was so much fun! We had a great time collaborating on their living room and dining room. My client had already completed the rest of the house and it was beautiful, so when we were finished, HGTV decided to publish the home. Below some pictures of the completed home. Check out the most recent issue of HGTV for the beautiful magazine shots!

1 - Dining Room 2 - Dining Room Detail 3 - Living Room 4 - Living Room Detail 5 - Kitchen 6 - Eat-in Kitchen 7 - Eat-in Detail 8 - Master Bedroom 9 - Nursery 10 - Nursery Detail

Photos by Heather Talbert 

Interior Design by AKD



  1. Hi, would you let me know where did you get this wallpaper – striped grey and white? I am looking for the same thing for my nursery.The one in the nursery. Thank you!

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