Friday Randoms

This week was wild between the Elle Decor panel, website launch and tons of work, it was a bit nuts, so please excuse the random thoughts.We were supposed to be out of town this weekend but at the last minute we’re staying in town and I’m really excited about it. Its going to be some much needed relaxation time.

We’re also hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and I am already dreaming up tabletop decor ideas. This is my main source of inspiration right now.


thanksgiving table top decor

image via

For those of you that commented and emailed asking for Greece recommendations, I am working on a guides for Santorini and Milos and will be posting both as soon as I get them all together. Sorry for the delay!

Have a great weekend! xo

Some Big Changes

As some rather significant changes come near for this website, I find myself thoughtful about Things That Sparkle. A name that when I say out loud, makes me cringe a little bit.

Let me first say, this blog has brought me success, in every sense of the word, in my business. First, It introduced me to interior design as a career option for one very unhappy advertising exec. I never fathomed I could have a job that I loved so deeply, that brought so much happiness into my life, and gave me so much excitement about what the next day might bring. But with all of this came change. My blog became a place of obligation at times. I felt a need to post something fives days a week. “Pre-pinterest” that wasn’t much of a challenge. I could share inspirational images and call it a day. But soon Pinterest became the place to hold inspiration, and bloggers were introduced to the idea of “original content”. A really important idea. Its how I was able to make my site stand out, feel different from the next, and express myself in a way that felt true to my aesthetic. The only issue is that the original content I love the most, is the stuff I’ve truly created: the homes of my clients. However, I can’t always share that. Either I’m waiting on finishing touches, debating on whether or not to pitch it, etc etc.

So that leads me to today. I’m getting some recently completed projects photographed in the coming weeks which will leave me with some really exciting things to share. I want to make this a place you guys are excited to come to, but maybe even more importantly, a place that I am excited to come to too!

Over the next couple months TTS will be going through some changes. Some aesthetic changes but also some more major changes. Identity changes. I hope you’re excited. I absolutely cannot wait. If there’s something you would be devastated to loose here please let me know (although I have to assume if you guys love reading, I probably love writing it even more) and if there is stuff you are plain bored of, let me know that too (I’m most likely bored of it as well).

So, cheers, to a new chapter and [lease be patient with the coming changes!